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The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon

(1999) Stephen King, NEL, pbk, £5.99, 292pp, ISBN 0-340-76559-3

One of Kingís quainter tales, though compellingly written. Trisha McFarland gets lost in the woods, and thatís about it really. Over the next week and a half she has to survive on what she finds, keeping her sanity by listening to Red Sox baseball games on her walkman and fantasising about her hero, pitcher Tom Gordon. Stranger things happen in real life, as they say, but the pleasure here is in being capitivated for nearly 300 pages by a story in which, essentially, nothing happens. Now thatís the mark of one hell of a writer. So, if anyone thinks that King has lost it, read this and I guarantee that youíll change your mind.

Tony Chester

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