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(2000) Philip K Dick, Millennium, £7.99 each, pbk

The three novels in Three Early Novels are The Man Who Japed (1956), Dr. Futurity (1960), and Vulcanís Hammer (1960). Iíve not seen copies of any of these novels in years, including my frequent trawls through second-hand shops, so this is a very welcome re-issue. The other five titles represent the collected and complete short stories of Dick. The reason I mention them is that, over the years, the collected stories have appeared under many titles, with differing contents lists, with subsequent frustration among collectors. Millennium have, wisely, gone back to basics and reissued the titles as they were originally, with the correct contents lists. Therefore collectors need suffer no confusion - buy these editions and youíve got all Dickís shorts. As an aside, Millennium have, in their SF Masterworks series, also reissued four other Dick novels: Dr. Bloodmoney (1965), Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? (1968), Ubik (1969), and A Scanner Darkly (1977). Needless to say, all highly recommended.

Tony Chester

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