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The World According to Spiderman

(2014) Daniel Wallace and Mirco Pierfederici, Bantam, 12.99, hrdbk, 63pp (and additional pull-out content), ISBN 978-0-593-07423-7


This is one for young Spiderman fans aged 8 11. We don't normally cover this age range but given that SF have children within their extended family if not of their own, it is worth mentioning this title, and that Bantam have a similar one covering Wolverine.

Quite simply it is a full-colour introduction to Spiderman and his alter ego Peter Parker. There is lots of detachable stuff including Peter Parker's school report card, postcards, and Aunt May recipe for wheatcakes, a poster etc. It is all good stuff that any young web-slinger devotee will enjoy. There is even a picture of New York with landmarks identified, from which we can see that the Avengers' mansion is just off the east of the south part of the city's central park, and that the Baxter Building home of the Fantastic Four is just to the south of that. (One wonders how New Yorkers get on with their lives with all the super heroes knocking about?) All solid fun for junior spideys. These Bantam superhero hardbacks make for good Christmas and birthday presents for youngsters.

Daniel Wallace himself is an author and co-author of over a score of books including a number of non-fiction sci-fi including The Marvel Encyclopaedia, so simple a presentation as The World According to Spiderman for youngsters, it should be authoritative. Young comics fans to be should love it.

Jonathan Cowie

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