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Wild Blood

(1993) Nancy A. Collins, NEL, 4.99, pbk, 232pp, ISBN 0-450-57401-6

I stopped reading Collins after about her third novel, largely because of the appalling work she did writing Swamp Thing for DC comics (Vertigo) and her vampire books taking a downward plunge the more popular they became (sales escalating due to goth-y Anne Rice fans no doubt). However, along the way I found myself still enjoying her short stories in many anthologies, and so took this book off the shelf where it had been gathering dust. I wish I hadn't.

The best I can say about it is that it is an unchallenging beach-reader, which is no bad thing in-and-of itself, but can't help being... well... a bit boring. So, the plot: Skinner Cade's mother dies and he finds out he was adopted; he sets off to find his biological parents; finds out he's a werewolf along the way; hooks up with a werewolf band and meets werewolf society. Dark aged (ie. creaky) plot about old rivalries then ensue to a less than dramatic conclusion.

Tony Chester

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