Science Fiction & Fantasy book reviewers wanted

We are seeking book reviewers.
If you can review a book (or two or three) in 500 1,000 words
in three months,
and you live in Great Britain or Northern Ireland
then we would really like to hear from you.


SF2 Concatenation currently receives more than twice as many books than it can review. To date we have well over one and a half thousand fiction book reviews on the site as well as a few hundred non-fiction SF and science books Furthermore, as Concatenation is longstanding (we have been going since 1987) we do inevitably suffer from staff turnover with folks' life events. Also, and equally understandably, some of our reviews team occasionally like a break.

And so we are seeking some book reviewers. If you can write book reviews some 500 1,000 words in length then we would like to hear from you. (This is substantially longer than the review lengths from our first decade from 1987, as back then we were a print semi-prozine with significant cost constraints.)

Three times a year we circulate our reviewers team a list of the latest titles we have received together with a teaser line or two. If you want more information then you can just paste the title and author from the list into a search engine and 'voila' (as we Brits say). You then let us know how many reviews you can write but you choose two or three more titles than you can review in case someone else on the team has already picked those titles. Reviews need to be returned typically in three months time (four over the summer period).

The books reviewed are in the main new titles and so reviews need to contain a plot teaser (something a little longer than the blurb on the back) together with your thoughts on the work, whether it had a solid plot that came to a good conclusion, and to whom it might appeal. Also, if it is part of a series you might cover whether or not one needs to read the earlier titles or whether the book works well as a stand-alone.

You should have some knowledge of the genre. This does not mean you need to be an expert but you must already be a reader of science fiction and fantasy. You can refer to other authors or works if it helps explain the type of book or to which kind of fans the book might appeal.

We already have enough reviewers of hard SF and hard mundane SF including wide-screen space opera (because the core team are scientists and engineers). But we always have a surfeit of other sub-genres including: science-fantasy, sci-fi, cyberpunk, steampunk, fantasy, urban fantasy, fantastical horror, to name but a few other genre areas.

There is little reward for your trouble other than your reviews are read by our regulars. (Site statistics are currently somewhere well above 15,000 unique visitors a month downloading well over 120,000 pages a month: more in months with a seasonal edition spring, summer and autumn and less other months, with site traffic increasing over the years.) And of course you get to keep the book.

Because we need to keep postage costs down, we are only seeking book reviewers in Great Britain and Northern Ireland. (Sorry about that, especially as half our traffic comes from beyond the UK.)

Interested?  Then do contact us for a try out.

And if you do want to know more about our book review policy then you can see what we tell publishers.

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