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Judge Dredd - Mandroid

(2007) John Wagner et al, Rebellion, 12.99, trdpbk, pp??, ISBN 978-1-905-43750-4


Of course life is tough in 22nd century Mega City 1 and crime is rife: this is, after all, the reason why the Mega Cities need the hard-nosed Judges who dispense law and order on the spot being police, jury and judge all rolled into one... Of course life is tougher outside the high tech Mega Cities in the wilderness and radioactive wastelands. But the toughest place of all are the off-world battlefronts where Earth forces do their thing.

When a space marine gets severely wounded Mega City have the technology to rebuild him, faster, better than before. Nonetheless his wife, also a fellow soldier, decides that he and their son should return to Earth and the quiet life of the Big Meg.

However outside the military, civy street is not the cushy number that it seemed. What's more there is crime. The family soon becomes a victim and, with his wife gone, the soldier starts to take the law into his own hands. But will Judge Dredd approve???

Mandroid contains two related tales following the story of our former-soldier cyborg scripted by Judge Dredd co-creator John Wagner that were first serialised in 2000AD in 2005 and 2007. There are welcome appendices of cover artwork (prog [edition] numbers cited but no dates (but by now you know my gripe with the 2000AD graphic novel editor)). However especially welcome is the reproduction of first three pages of Wagner's script. Nice one.

Jonathan Cowie

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