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Promethea Book 2

Promethea Book 2 (2001) Alan Moore, JH Williams III and Mick Gray, America's Best Comics, $14.95 (10.95), trdpbk, 160pp, ISBN 1-56389-957-4


This presents issues 7-12 of the comic (and Promethea Book 3, as I write only available in hardback, collects issues 13-18) and finds our heroine, Sophie Bangs, under attack by the forces of The Temple. Luckily Promethea has allies... herselves! The Five Swell Guys (New York's science-heroes) become better acquainted with their city's new arrival; and Promethea decides to learn more about magic from the snakes on her caduceus, and under the tutelage of Jack Faust, if she's willing to pay his price!

Alan Moore continues his reign as the premiere comics writer of all time, continuing to write (in more ways than one) America's Best Comics. The brilliant artwork of Williams and Gray (and excellent digital contributions from Jose Villarubia, and colours by Jeromy Cox) is just perfect for this title. The first and last issues in this collection are ample proof of that. I can't recommend this title enough.

Tony Chester

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