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Promethea Book Four

(2005) Alan Moore, J. H. Williams III and Mick Gray, Titan Books, 10.99, trdpbk, 192pp, ISBN 1-84023-773-2


Collecting issues 19-25 of the comic, this volume sees Sophie Bangs, the current Promethea, exploring the higher realms of the Immateria with a former Promethea incarnation, Barbara, looking for Barbara's husband. Through the realms of Jupiter and Saturn, Promethea makes it all the way to the godhead - not the easiest thing in the world, having your character become God for 16 pages - and ultimately back to Earth to get ready for the Apocalypse. By comparison it might seem that Stacia's desire to usurp Promethea's power (herself backed by a former Promethea incarnation) is small potatoes, but it still takes the judgement of Solomon to sort it all out.

This is just one fantastic book, especially with the hugely talented JH Williams' issue by issue changes in artwork style wonderfully complementing Moore's superb writing. If the title has a flaw it is that there's no way you can just jump in anywhere and start reading; you've really got to go from the beginning. I'd suggest you do so.

Tony Chester

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