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Formerly the (1987-1997) annual (paper) magazine distributed at the UK national SF convention and European SF convention

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This is an archive page of the site's original (1999) home page

design from when we first moved from a paper print format.

This site's first incarnation -- in the internet's first widespread use

decade -- was largely due to Matt Freestone to whom go many thanks.

This home page design was changed in 2013


SF2 Concatenation: for seasonal SF news and reviews

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SF2 Concatenation are the winners of the 1994 Eurocon Science Fiction Award for 'Best Fanzine' and the 1997 Eurocon Award for 'Best SF Promoter' for the European Science Fiction community. In 2004 it received the 'Honorary' Eurocon Award and in 2012 was the first recipient of the new Eurocon Award category of 'Best European SF website'. All these voted awards were granted in different countries: Romania, Ireland, Ukraine and Croatia.


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