The Science Fact & Science Fiction Concatenation is the
seasonal review of science fact and science fiction. Formerly the (1987-1997)
annual (paper) magazine distributed at the British national SF convention and European SF
convention.  Today its three principal internet editions come out in the northern hemisphere's
spring, summer and autumn.

SF2 Concatenation

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Happy birthday to us, Happy birthday to us...  As of Easter we are 30 years old.


New up...

Below we have our our summer (northern hemisphere) edition with its seasonal round-up of SF and science news, articles and book reviews.

See 'Most recently added' below.  Enjoy.

This is a slightly special edition for those sentients with a penchant for using base ten and for whom our planet's whole-orbits about its parent star garner some significance:  this year is our 30th year of SF² Concatenation doing SF.  This is something that could not have happened without the support of its team and the current band of contributors.  We are no less appreciative of many of you, this site's regular visitors, the number of which -- if the site's traffic statistics are to be believed -- continute to grow: without readers/visitors a site lacks meaningful value. (Currently our site statistics are riding at over 20,000 unique visitors [accessing IPs] dowloading over 150,000 whole-pages a month: figures that are not hits as they exclude search bot visits etc. This is very roughly up 50% over the past 8 years and is broadly in line with our long-term growth in traffic the past two decades.)  This does encourage us, though the 2nd law of thermodynamics is taking its toll.  Truth be told we are not sure how much longer we are going to continue but are going to give reaching the one-third century mark a go. We hope that many of you will stick with us for the next three years.


Your good deed possibly?

We wonder if some of our site's visitors can kindly help?  If you have any social media followers in the London area (even if you live much farther away) could you kindly let them know of a new London SF group so that they in turn might let those of their followers living in south-east London know.  The new group meets in a local pub the 2nd Thursday of each month for informal SF book and film chat. See and  They say that everone is connected with everyone else via a chain of six people. However the subset of those social-media active online with a decided interest in SF are likely connected to their peers with just two or three connections and so this exercise is ideally suited to social media. So this appeal could stand a good chance of working and that's down to you.  Thank you to all who can help in any way. Your reward will be in silicon heaven. J

Meanwhile, back at the plot...



Mid-July will see the third this year of our choices as to the best of last year's Nature 'Futures' SF stories. As usual it is a one-page (PDF) short story that has either a bit of a twist and/or edge.  Then mid-September will see our autumnal round up of news and book reviews.

Meanwhile, hopefully you should find something to tickle your fancy below...


Most recently added

v27(3) 2017.4.20 -- New Columns & Articles for the Summer 2017

v27(3) 2017.4.20 -- Science Fiction & Fantasy Book Reviews

v27(3) 2017.4.20 -- Non-Fiction SF & Science Fact Book Reviews


v27(2) 2017.3.15 -- A new story from the Nature Futures series


v27(1) 2017.1.15 -- New Columns & Articles for the Spring 2017

Full 'What's New' list


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