The Science Fact & Science Fiction Concatenation is the
seasonal review of science fact and science fiction. Formerly the (1987-1997)
annual (paper) magazine distributed at the British national SF convention and European SF
convention.  Today its three principal internet editions come out in the northern hemisphere's
academic year: spring, summer and autumn.

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Stop Press

The 4th week in September 2022 sees Prog 2300 of 2000AD and the October (out Sept) Judge Dredd Megazine have a self-contained, connected multi-story, zombie theme. This includes a brief appearance of the PSIFA (and CUSFS – Camb' U. SF Soc) mascot the Gronk as a zombie. "Eats its heartes." Being self-contained, you will not have to carry on getting copies for a sense of completeness.

Current state

Russia's war with Ukraine continues. Our thoughts continue with the acquaintances made, and remembering the experiences had, at the 2006 Eurocon and 2013 Eurocon in Kyiv, Ukraine, in this difficult time. We are particularly thinking of our ISP and sponsorship person, Boris in Kyiv.  (Like/share SF solidarity with Ukraine on Facebook and/or Twitter.)



New up...

Our autumnal* edition is now up. It includes season's full news page, articles and convention reports, including:  Film News; Television NewsPublishing NewsGeneral Science News  and  Forthcoming SF Books from major imprints for the season, among much else.  Plus there is a tranche of stand-alone book reviews, a few articles, and a couple of convention reports.  Something for everyone.
* 'Autumnal' season here being the northern hemisphere, academic year autumn.

For details of / links to the new content, scroll down to beneath 'Most recently added' below.

Whatever your tastes in SF (literary, cinematic or television) or science (general, natural or astronomical) there should be something for every SF enthusiast and/or science bod.


Key news from the news page

The 2022 Hugo Awards for 'SF excellence' have been announced
Worldcon needs to prepare in case the 2023 Worldcon is cancelled. UN points the way
Russian SF author placed on Putin's wanted list
The 2022 Worldcon has been held in Chicago
All change, after 20 years, at France's Imaginales Festival
Del Rey SF imprint gets a new home
First ever single-volume publication of The Lord of the Rings 'Second Age' stories is coming
Author Claire North interviewed on Media Death Cult (Contains link to interview video)
Forthcoming SF books in the run-up to Christmas
Scientists' worst climate scenarios revealled
How long are you infectious with CoVID?
China's surveillance society is going for the full 1984
Even a small nuclear war would see a billion starve
Does the Universe create itself? (Contains link to short physics video)
-  SF authors Sergey Dyanchenko (Ukraine) and Eric Flint (US) have passed
-  Comics professionals Alan Grant (UK) and Robert Harvey (US) have passed
-  Scientists James Lovelock (UK) and Benjamin Mottelson (US-Dane) have passed
    among many others who have contributed much to SF & science


The third and fourth of our 'Best of Nature "Futures" short stories' of the year will be posted mid-November and mid-December (in time for Christmas) respectively. If you are new to this site, these are short, one-page, SF stories. They're rather fun. (The afore link is to our archive of past stories, so feel free to have a browse. Enjoy.)

And a reminder, for the few of you who can't wait, that we provide some early access to new content as well as notifications of seasonal posting through Twitter @SF2Concat. (Early notifications only: we don't want to distract anyone with chat.)


Most recently added

v32(5) 2022.9.15 -- New Columns & Articles for the Autumn 2022

v32(5) 2022.9.15 -- Science Fiction & Fantasy Book Reviews

v32(5) 2022.9.15 -- Non-Fiction SF & Science Fact Book Reviews


v32(4) 2022.7.15 -- A new story from the Nature Futures series


v32(3) 2022.4.20 -- New Columns & Articles for the Summer 2022

Full 'What's New' list



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