The Science Fact & Science Fiction Concatenation is the
seasonal review of science fact and science fiction. Formerly the (1987-1997)
annual (paper) magazine distributed at the British national SF convention and European SF
convention.  Today its three principal internet editions come out in the northern hemisphere's
spring, summer and autumn.

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New up...

New up we have one of our choices for the 'Best of Nature Futures' stories. A short, one-page SF story, one of four we have for 2015 that represent what we SF2 Concatenation think are the best of the 51 published last year (2014) at the back of the weekly, multidisciplinary, primary science research journal Nature. See 'Most recently added' below. Enjoy.

Beneath that we have the Summer 2015 edition of news, convention reports and book reviews. (Meanwhile, if you missed earlier news bulletins, you can check out the master newscast link index that connects to all the current season's SF news and science sub-sections and at the bottom of that page there is a chronological list of previous seasonal, SF news pages.)

The 2015 Summer edition also includes our annual, regular look at the British Isles SF/F/H cinematic box office top ten for the past 12 months to Easter as well as the other SF worthies that though not big-time box office smashes, we think you might want to check out for that rainy weekend.  Plus there is a look at the SF films of the 1950s (which builds on a previous article on early 20th century SF films. Both articles have links to film trailers.  Then we have a convention-runner perspective on last year's 2014 Worldcon, Loncon 3 in London. Finally, there is our annual regular of SFnal-ish, science and book whimsy with Gaia.


Mid-September will see our Autumnal edition of news (SF fim, books and television, Britain's forthcoming books to be published, and science news) as well as 30 or so stand-alone reviews of recently published books, plus, hopefully, a convention report or two.

Our posting schedule is regular -- so you can see when things are due by looking at what was posted, and when, previously -- but if you want early notification of a few advance posts then join the few following us on our new Twitter thingy.

Meanwhile you should find something to enjoy and/or informative below...


Most recently added

v25(4) 2015.7.15 -- A new story from the Nature Futures series


v25(3) 2015.4.15 -- New Columns & Articles for the Summer 2015

v25(3) 2015.4.15 -- Science Fiction & Fantasy Book Reviews

v25(3) 2015.4.15 -- Non-Fiction SF & Science Fact Book Reviews


v25(2) 2015.3.15 -- A new story from the Nature Futures series


Full 'What's New' list



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