The Science Fact & Science Fiction Concatenation is the
seasonal review of science fact and science fiction. Formerly the (1987-1997)
annual (paper) magazine distributed at the British national SF convention and European SF
convention.  Today its three principal internet editions come out in the northern hemisphere's
academic year: spring, summer and autumn.

SF2 Concatenation

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New up...

Most recently added (mid-November) is our third this year of our choices as to the best-of-last-year's one-page PDF Nature 'Futures' SF stories.  See 'Most recently added' below.

This builds on our autumnal edition of news and reviews.  As usual its news page has sections on film, books and publishing, TV, as well as the season's forthcoming books listing of new titles (also fantasy and non-fiction) from the major SF/F imprints in the British Isles, many of which will soon be available elsewhere in the world.  (A great way to see what will be coming out and ideas for your Christmas shopping.)  And then there is the news page's science consisting of short paragraphs on the season's key, primary research papers that are cited so our scientist regulars can Google Scholar the papers for themselves (and our non-scientist regulars can see that we don't do fake news).  Plus there's the news page's science-and-SF-interface section where yesterday's SF is becoming today's fact.

Other autumnal content included articles and convention reports. Here there was another in our series by scientists are also SF authors as to their science heroes born in the 20th century (so by-passing Darwin, Einstein etc that everyone would otherwise select).  This was the 6th in our series that enables you to ascertain the science that inspires some of today's best science fiction writing (see also 'Your help requested' below.) This edition, coincidentally, not only do we have the scientist/author's article on his science heroes but also (see lower down) a standalone review of one of his books!

There was also a second convention report (further to the one posted last season) on this year's British national SF con (Eastercon) as well as another on the 2018 New Zealand national convention.  This last is most appropriate as New Zealand has just won the site selection vote for the 2020 Worldcon. (If you have ever wanted to visit New Zealand then this is the heads up for a chance to do it with a 5-day convention in the middle and you have two years in which to save up for it.)  Plus there was a raft of fiction and non-fiction SF or popular science books reviewed.


Your help requested

If, by chance, you know anyone who went to Hatfield Polytechnic or Hertfordshire University and was a member of its SF group PSIFA, could you kindly send them this link or mention this news on your SF social media in case an Old Age PSIFAn stumbles upon it.  It is PSIFA's 40th anniversary coming up and some of the old guard want to reach as many as possible of its past hundreds of members.  Thank you if you can spend a minute mentioning and/or forwarding the link. :-)

New topic. SF² Concatenation itself is seeking to contact SF authors (at least two SF novels commercially published) who have a science/engineering degree. We want to ascertain which 20th century born scientists have inspired them, hence possibly influenced their SF writing.  See 'Most recently added' below.  We hope a number of you can help. This is the link to share.



Mid-December sees our fourth and final best-of-one-page PDF Nature 'Futures' SF story to tide you over the Christmas/New Year period before our spring season 2019 edition in mid-January.  We think these one-page stories are a delight and are ideal to read while you have your lunch / coffee / tea break.

You can either make a note in your electronic diary that our next edition (for the northern hemisphere's academic year spring) will be up for mid-January, or you can follow us on your rss feed or alternatively on Twitter. This we only use for site posting alerts, and as a special service advance-post alerts slightly ahead of the official posting dates. (We don't use Twitter for chat though anyone is welcome to on your own account and hash-tag us #SF2Concat; our only using Twitter primarily for site alerts means that you will not be pestered by our feed.)

For those few of you who follow us on Twitter we will alert you at the end of December to a New Year treat from the archives.

Meanwhile, hopefully you should find something below to tickle your fancy...


Most recently added

v28(6) 2018.11.15 -- A new story from the Nature Futures series


v28(5) 2018.9.15 -- New Columns & Articles for the Autumn 2018

v28(5) 2018.9.15 -- Science Fiction & Fantasy Book Reviews

v28(5) 2018.9.15 -- Non-Fiction SF & Science Fact Book Reviews

v28(4) 2018.7.15 -- A new story from the Nature Futures series

  • Legs-11 (1-page PDF short story) - Hugh Cartwright
    Meet the home help.  It's new and you get a free trial.  So what's not to like?
      (If you enjoyed this story and are on Twitter, then you can support the writer's work in a second
      by re-Tweeting this post's alert.)


v28(3) 2018.4.15 -- New Columns & Articles for the Summer 2018

Full 'What's New' list



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